Elrond says farewell

by Jan 23, 2004Poetry

Farewell, O clod grey shore
Forsake thee do I, Earendil’s son Elrond;
See thee shall I no more,
For I go hence-Breaking heart and bond.

Fair valley of Imladris, farewell for ever
And the hills and towers valiant, Oak, Ash and Thorn;
Forget will I never,
Even as I forsake the Afterborn.

I go to my people’s home-the Uttermost West
For the power of the Rings is ended,
And the Third Age has passed away in a grey gust-
So I depart from Middle-earth, and all is ended.

Arwen has cloven to Estel; she is to remain,
While in sadness I depart from Mortals in a grey sadness;
But lo!Ishall behold Elvenhome, my sire, and Celebrian again,
And dwell with her in bitter-sweet gladness.

At last my dignity does indeed fail,
At the thought of this land, the glory and the valiant slain,
My lineage and power aids me to no avail;
Middle-earth, sweet land, Namarie!Ishall never see thee again….


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