Elessar – Finished the strife of battle

by May 2, 2003Poetry

(thanks Malcom at St. Mary’s for letting me use this hymn.)

Finished the strife of battle now
Gloriously crowned Elessar’s fair brow
Coming with gladness, banishing sadness,
Telcontar is crowned today!

The words of the prophet are fulfilled
Peace and prosperity he shall build
Songs of praising we are raising
Telcontar renowned today!

A warrior’s sword, a healer’s kind hand
In the midst of darkness a beacon he stands
We are singing, bells are ringing,
Telcontar is crowned today!

Lord, when in danger on you we called,
You saved us from darkness by hand and sword
In all our living our thanks we’re giving
Telcontar renowned today!
Telcontar is crowned today!


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