Elessar and the Evenstar

by Jan 16, 2004Poetry

Aragorn’s thoughts:
The Evening Star down to earth fell
And graced the land in Rivendell

When we first met, she stole my heart
From me, she swore, she would never part

But these shores I would have her leave
And never more unto me cleave

For if she stays her grace will fade
The price for love she will have paid

Tinuviel’s choice she would make
Both joy and sorrow she would take

I hold her over all things dear
All I want is to keep her near

But I can’t let her die for me
Forsaking lands beyond the Sea

Arwen’s answer:
I know what weighs upon your mind
Your grief and joy are intertwined

And now I’ll tell you Dúnadan
Please don’t let my fate cause you pain

This choice is mine alone to make
To leave, or the Twilight forsake

I’d rather spend my life with you
Than have no love to see me through

If I left for Valinor fair
I would never find comfort there

Your name would echo in my ear
Reminding me that you’re not near

So here, a mortal, I will live
And my life’s grace for you I’ll give

By more than love our souls are bound
Our heart’s chords together are wound

These deepest bonds will never break
Though we, our bodies, will forsake

In Earth’s circles we will not stay
We will meet again some day

Once more we’ll walk in bliss and ease
Laughter echoing through the trees


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