~*~Elegy for Boromir~*~

by Apr 18, 2005Poetry

Be at peace, son of Gondor…
Farewell, my fallen comrade
too soon you lie at rest
when this flailing earth
had sore need of your stance.
There was a legend in your gaze,
a torch in your being, an anthem
that muffled the clamor
of the hungering in your soul.
Would I could have stilled it
with the hearty bread of friendship
without the shameful help
of shaft or blade!
How did such a small Thing
come between us?
So often did my eyes
ride on your strength;
your words rolled bloodied maps
before my sight, banners that drooped
like hair of widows, children
who played with charred horse bones
and the feathers of felled doves
that chalked the streets in trampled snow.
Then I heard victorious hymns,
smelled white blossoms from a branch
that maidens plucked to strew your path
amid the metal fervor of warm bells
that once knew only silence
grey as thirst. Your laughter
was as the splashing of a stifled bath
that burst afresh from the bosom
of a haggard land.

Now all are stilled. You lie as a tree
ripped down in the summit
of its fruition, in the shadow
of a spiked and jealous tower.
Vainly will your city keep her vigil.
Vainly must I weep
for the kinship bonds of gladness
that should have been our own
the fragment of my heart
you tore from me.
But I shall strive
with what I have been given
to bear your torch, staunch the wounds
of those for whom you undertook
this mission, strew your path
and pen a joyous epilogue
for the parable of your ruin.
Brother, close your eyes,
let your spirit drift
as a sail upon the wind
that finds its truest rest
on white forgiving shores.
Dream in peace…..


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