Edge of Doom – a poem

by Apr 29, 2002Poetry


Listen to me,
People of Bree!
Let me sing
Of a dangerous thing
Which lost it power
In the darkest hour,
When death was at hand.
Someone did stand
For victory of West.
He never had rest.
Who was this one,
Who said: “It’s done!”
After destroying a ring.
Yes, that was this thing.
Made by the lord who’s deeply dark
Like the heart
Of old, rotting trees.
The creator of screams
Heard in the tower,
Heart of the power
Of evil untold.
But wait… hold!
He seeks for something.
His slaves are hunting
A golden ring,
Which will bring
Darkness over free lands,
If it would rest on his hand.
But someone who walks
Under shadowy paths
Of Mordor,
Land of horror.
He has this item.
Yet, shaking and frightened
He is, carrying fear.
What is he doing near
The fiery mountain?
Thick smoke is crushing
His lungs together.
The choice is simple – whether
He reaches the fires,
Or he tires
Before he’s there.
But does he bear
Strength to go on,
To get things done,
Which need ending.
He did it, now he’s standing
On the edge of the pit.
But who has hit
Him down,
On the ground?
A small creature
Wretched by torture.
They are in fight
For the right
To bear the ring.
But pain strikes like a sting,
Our hero has finger no more.
Everything is allowed in war,
So this being, small but bad,
Now he has
This object together with bloody
Piece of body
Of the hero of ours.
Now, in the darkest hour
The creature dances.
Yet, too late he glances
On his side,
Where stones slide
Under his feet
Falling to heat
With him and the ring.
And this brings
End to darkness,
Which selfishly wanted
To rule the west.
But he was not best,
There were those, who overpowered
The lord of Dark Tower.
And here ends my story,
Let him have glory,
The hobbit that saved
Like a warrior brave
The free world.
And later he heard,
That he had done everything right.
And it might
Be, that he still is
In west, over the seas.

I hope you do not mind the grammar mistakes because I am a foreigner and not from US or UK. I write poems about the world of Tolkien both just for fun and for the Estonian fan site (www.hot.ee/fellowship).


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