Ecthelion the brave – A Poem

by May 11, 2002Poetry

This is the tale of Ecthelion of the fountain,
Gate-warden of Gondolin, the city of the mountains.
Many great deeds were performed during its fall
And Ecthelion, he performed the greatest of them all.

Gondolin was by Maeglin betrayed.
It was he that showed Morgoth’s forces the way.
But Maeglin never from Morgoth received his reward.
He was thrown from the Black Rock like his father before.

Morgoth’s forces attacked Gondolin at night
And many Elves were slain in the fight.
Among them was Turgon, Gondolin’s Lord,
Who fell in his Tower, wielding Glamdring his sword.

Ecthelion fought with Gothmog in the King’s Square
And for more than one hour the fight lasted there.
But more fierce was Gothmog, and stronger his will,
And he threw down the Elf and raised his black axe to kill.

Then a raging fire awoke in Ecthelion’s heart;
And suddenly, without warning it got him to start.
He rushed against the Balrog and lowered his head,
And with the pike on his helmet he stabbed Gothmog dead.

But victory was short-lived after the Balrog-lord’s death.
Ecthelion fell down and abandoned his breath.
And from the wounds he’d received he finally died,
On the square of his King at his enemy’s side.

So remember the glories of Ecthelion the Brave,
The valiant Elf-lord who unselfishly gave
His own life to save his beloved King.
In your hearts and minds forever let his name ring!


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