Eärendil’s Star – The story of the silmaril

by Mar 6, 2003Poetry

One it took to create thy hue,
But not alone were thee.
Into the darkness of the fallen Valor’s hand
And set in his iron cron were thee.

Into that metal prison set,
The army forth they went,
But in thy glowing heart was set the secret
Crafted by crafted hand to thee.

Many tried to free thee, but thy heart was set
That among the darkened cloud
Thy wrath would be met, and stirred
And woken by true love.

And for his hand he came to thee,
And prised thee from thy doom,
And many tears were cried for thee,
Upon the spinner’s loom.

And then thee came, to stand in awe,
And to the sky wern thee,
For that is twisted in thy fate,
What thy maker did not see.

And then to light up elven eyes, set deep in the night,
Thy light is now a starry hue, of faith and hope and sight.
So set in timeless time alone, great silmaril were thee;
Now thee are the guiding star that lies beyond the sea.


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