Dunedain and the Evenstar – inspired by the tale of Aragorn and Arwen

by May 8, 2005Poetry

Dunedain, Dunedain
You chose a lonely life
A Ranger in the Wild
Walking the lands alone
But in your heart not only a ranger…

Evenstar, Evenstar
Elvenlight and Nightingale
From the day I first saw you I have loved you
I thought I had strayed into a dream
And I didn’t ever want to leave you

My heart follows you, Dunedain
Wherever you may wander
May you be always blessed and protected
Somewhere under these stars you walk
And somewhere under these stars we will meet again

I take deep breaths of freedom
I turn my face to the spring rain
I count the numberless stars at night
And think of the starlight in your dark eyes
You never never leave my mind

Who knows what thoughts lie in the heart of the Ranger?
What memories does he bear?
I will not cross the Sea, I will not leave my love
My choice is made, my doom appointed
Ranger of the North, my heart loves only you

Estel I was, hope of the Dunedain
And I can still remember
Happy days in the gardens of Imladris
In Elvenhome, where my heart dwells ever
Home of all sweet memories…

Among Niphredil and Elanor in Caras Galadhon we walked
I will always remember your eyes that night
When we together turned from the twilight
And I gave you all my love
I will cleave to you, Dunedain

Evenstar, Evenstar!
I have a long road to walk
And who knows what will come to pass
But my fate lies for ever with you
Arwen vanimelda, namarie!

Dunedain, Dunedain!
A dark road is appointed for you
Before we may meet again
And I will wait for you


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