Drops of Comprehension

by Jul 21, 2004Poetry

Drops of Comprehension
It’s been so long since I last cried
How long has it been since I last tried?
It’s not a symphony of sorrow
It’s the chorus of comprehension
Crystalline tears, said epitomes
Reality is nothing as simplistic as a dream
I feel the tears run red traces down my face
Cool lines crossing my burning skin
I feel relief that this action is still enabled
And take the time as the raindrops fall
To step back and look at everything that led me here
All the triumphs, fake
All the failures, break
Take all these pieces, these fragments remembered
Break them from their bindings
And put together a new puzzle
Glue it together with bonds of tears
These glistening ropes of understanding
Form gentle hands of consciousness
And show me that these tears are relief
Telling me that by crying I’ve showed I can still feel
And while I feel I can choose where to put the pieces
Of this new creation, uncorrupted by but aware of the old
These tears are not the grimy trails reddening my face
They are a glistening curtain the rain’s gentle embrace
My tears show me that I can still try.


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