Dreams of Evenstar… – …in the fading night

by Jun 2, 2004Poetry

the last of the stars fell twinkling in the sun
in the light of the silver moon walking
thoughts forever held my mind enchanted
in a dream to a place worth taking

in thy eyes mirrored the very strength of life
flushed with rose and a glow is thy smile
held my thoughts as ever to your will
heart and soul in thy keeping at whiles

i longed for thy face to see at all times
but all of the host held me out
so in my dreams do i search for your voice
to calm all my fears and doubts

hardened is the road i take towards you
with all such barriers and ways
yet i have to endure all of these and be brave
so that i may be with you all the days

in strength shall i keep you close in my heart
in battle will i stand fearless
though the very face of death is shown
never will i falter, be careless

until when the sun again meets the moon
will i always be with thee endless
when at last do we meet and forever be one
will my dreams be at peace and not restless.


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