Down and through – from calm green to wild blue…

by Aug 13, 2004Poetry

Down and through
Up and out

Dwarf cry,
Wizard Shout.

northern horn calling,
Elf’s age falling,

Hobbit cheer,
discarding shallow fear.

Corrupted riverman,
and one vile white hand

Minas Morgul, home to nine
Orcish troops in marching line

Gondor horns ring out
horseriders stout

Fell beasts burning your ears,
bringing you down to tears.

Fell Uruks from the breeding pits
Morgul wounds that make you sick.

A golden ring
Fair maidens sing

One man lost to fiery beast
a nuzgul sperated from a feast

In Mordor it will be decided
then it will all end…

The land will be united
to one sweet Rithannen.


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