Doom, Hope and Love – A poem about Galadriel’s gifts

by Mar 5, 2003Poetry

In Dimrodene,
In Lorien,
Dwells the Lady of Light.
She told the Ringbearer his doom,
Gave Elessar hope,
Stole Gimli’s heart.
Why did she give them doom, hope and love?
Because she was given them many ages ago,
In a forgotten time.
Her brothers gave her love,
Mandos gave her doom- doom never to return home,
But Earendil gave her hope, hope that she could return home, home to the West.
She returned home to the West when the third age ended
With Olorin, Elrond, and the Ringbearers.
She saw her loved ones at the pier when the ship landed,
Those she had not seen for many ages.


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