Don’t Leave me Behind – A Poem

by Jun 9, 2002Poetry

The sun has been darkened,
Shadow covers the sky,
The stars no longer sparkle,
The Rohirrim will ride,

What use would a hobbit be?
Is the question in your mind,
I don’t really know yet,
But don’t leave me behind,

Though I am fearful of the songs,
That will be sung at my death,
Though all around me is shadows,
And Saruon’s evil breath,

Though you are men of great strength,
And small is my kind,
Though I am young and afraid,
Don’t leave me behind,

Though the dark lord has banished,
The very stars from the sky,
Though it is surrounded,
I hear the city’s cry,

Though you order me to stay,
Though I may be no help at all,
You never know what strength,
Is held in the hands of the small,

I will follow you Lord,
And remain by your side,
Even though the path to death,
Is the road that we must ride,

So let me weep beside your grave,
Then fall asleep in mine,
Let me burn before the great eye,
But don’t leave me behind.


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