Don’t Leave Me – A poem of Frodo’s farewell to the Fellowship

by Mar 10, 2003Poetry

Ominous whispers in the looming mountain,
Onward they bring me, toward my destiny, toward my doom.
The fires of fate lie in the mountain’s chasm,
My heart sinking deeper in the growing gloom.

Don’t leave me here to die,
Don’t let me wither.
It was you, who told me to fly,
But how can I when you are no long hither?

The world is slowly changing,
The planet is tilting in its place.
Slowly passing into oblivion,
Evil is now afoot, faster in pace.

Don&’t let me diminish,
Don’t leave me to fade.
Your bravery in the past had always helped my soul replenish,
For it was you who swore to protect me by your blade.

Smoke rises in the East,
And with it looms the darkness.
Somehow I must keep atop my feet,
For the only thing protecting me is my flesh.

(Merry and Pippin)
Don’t let me cease,
Don’t leave me to suffer.
You taught me to never weep,
And look at life through laughter.

The skies grow baleful,
And thunder clasps any valor.
Fear in these parts is plentiful,
But it is I who must take the dread and conquer.

Don’t let drown in woe,
Don’t leave me here to burn.
You so powerful with arrow and bow,
It was an honor to have your allegiance sworn.

The ring hanging by my chest,
Only grows deeper with each passing night.
Will the power of The One give me no rest?
It is the thing keeping me from outright.

Don’t let me rot to nothing,
Don’t leave me here to plummet.
Your tactics so powerful, so cunning,
May you have better fortune than my imminent.

Cold winds slap at my weak back,
Surges of torture lie within.
It’s the ring that is causing my heart to go black,
Do I wish to know how this will end?

Don’t let me freeze in my fright,
Don’t leave me here alone.
I know you saw nothing but the Ring in your site,
But why did you betray me for the One?

Shadows pass over my thoughts,
Grasping them in a tight bound.
Somehow this war must be fought,
But will it end in an ash-filled mound?

Don’t let me fall into void,
Don’t leave me here to quiver.
Faithful companion, I dragged you on my road,
And I know to leave me you would never.

Don’t let my soul fully dry,
Please, give me my heart to keep.
Don’t leave me here to die,
Just let me stay, let me weep.

Don’t leave me.

Don’t leave me here to pass to eternal sleep,
Just let my sob, let me cry.
Let me shed me tears, let me weep,
And I only ask: Please don’t let me die.

Don’t leave me.

Just let me sob, let me cry,
Let me shed my tears, let me weep,
And I only ask: Please don’t let me die.


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