Don’t Forget About Bill! – Bill the pony tells his thoughts on the quest

by Sep 2, 2004Poetry

Thank you! Bless you! I cried
As Nob took my bridle and led me aside.
Away from Bill Ferny’s cruel ways
And led, me, I hoped, to happier days.

First thing I saw as he led me through Bree
Was four little hobbits waiting for me.
A tall rugged man was with them as well
And soon we set off through forest and dell.

The pack, not too heavy; Sam took great care.
He made sure I never had too much to bear.
The adventures I saw then, the bravery, too!
I tried my very best to help them get through.

A horrible night we spent on Amon Sul.
I wished to help Frodo yet felt like a fool.
But Strider he tended the wound with great skill
And we managed until we met Glorfindel.

To Rivendell at last safely we stepped
And to our surprise, Gandalf it kept!
Now off again we went toward the cruel dark
Thru snow, mountain and beauty quite stark.

Till the Gates of Moria finally we spied
And there, alas, my aid went untried.
For I could not go there under the ground
Even though all my courage I found.

Back to the Shire now I’m making my way.
I stay hidden by night and travel by day.
I’ll wait for the time I see Sam once again.
I’ve never had a better friend than he’s been.

So if you see them on their long road
I hope you’ll remember all you’ve been told.
Help them in any way that you might
Hide them from Sauron, the evil one’s, sight.

Me, I’ll be ready to answer their call.
I’ll keep my ears pricked to run from my stall.
And when I hear Sam coming back home
I’ll hope he’ll stay, to never more roam!


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