Do Not Weep for Me – I am not There

by Jul 12, 2004Poetry

Do not weep for me,
I am not there,
Do not lament at my grave,
For that is all but bare.
You are not looking down at me,
I am not looking up,
I am looking down at you,
So take back your flower cup.
I have passed into the light,
You have not yet had,
The great feeling of the blissful air,
Upon your flowing hair.
Death shall come to you,
Shall visit you someday,
and when it does I’ll be with you,
At least, for as long as it stays.
Someday we shall meet,
With soft grass under our feet,
Together we shall dance in the light of the sun,
And our worries will be washed away.
So do not weep for me,
Do not lament at my grave,
Be happy that I am still me,
And that we shall meet again.

But you can weep for the rest of us,
For not all tears are an evil.


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