Do Not Drink From the Sea – Sam’s Thoughts

by Mar 1, 2003Poetry

Do Not Drink From the Sea

When Gandalf asked me to come with you
And help you through this quest
I wondered why he had chosen me–
Why he thought I would be best .

I was going with you anyway
My pack was the set to go
But then Gandalf Grayhem approached me
There was something I needed to know

He spoke to me like a father
Would speak to his youngest son
He told me that you would need help
When all was said and done

I can not know what Gandalf thought
But one thing I do understand:
Since I rescued you from the tower
There is the presence of the Dark Lord’s hand

I see it in the morning
Even after a good night’s sleep
The pain is etched upon your face
And in your eyes it keeps

Mr. Frodo, you are a traveler
That shall never return home
Everything about you is gone
You forget the paths you’ve flown

You forget of your home in the Shire
You forget your friends of old
You forget the splendor of Rivendell
You’ve lost yourself, all told.

I do not know what strength is in me
Or what it shall come down to
But I do know that I’ll stand beside you
And help you in what you must do.

He told me if you started fighting
To fight back and stay your hand.
He said if you ever were hopelessly lost
To show you the way through the land.

And so I will, Mr. Frodo–
Please stop and listen to me:
If you are mortally thirsty,
Do not drink from the sea.


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