Do not cry thy tears for me – become

by Feb 5, 2003Poetry

Do not cry thy tears for me,
They cannot replace what has become,
So let me weep, alone, alone.

I knew what became, He told me so
In that safe place, so long ago;
But then my joys were atop my heart,
Which now weeps, in sadness, pity, dispare;
For old am I, no longer young and fair.

They warned me once, so long ago,
When I did dwelleth in the lands I did know,
Thy warning is proved, but for him I did stay
To linger in the mortal lands, far from eternal day.

And if thee see me, pray, do not despair,
Leve me weep into my jet black flowing hair,
Let the tears bitter grasp hold down the timeless claw
That saw the brave maid Luthien aweeping on the floor.

Now death, thet should have never touched my limbs
Casts down in solid motion, it’s iron hand
And takes me from my mortal dream,
To rest forever beyond this dying mortal land.

So if thee see me, pass me by,
My heart hath broken now,
As I sit atop this mound of stars
Where once my love he lay,
And together we did watch the stars
Give way to the new day.


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