Do Not Cry – A Poem

by Mar 12, 2003Poetry

O elven queen, pray do not cry
For the stars, they shall not die
As under now that misty hue
Thee walk along the ways thee knew;
Which are so differant now.

Pray, I beg thee, do not leave
For thy hopes thy did believe
That thy life wold be at rest here
As thee knew then, my dear;
This was not what thee saw.

Let no shadow fall upon thy face,
Let no sorrow mar thy eyes,
Let no passion escape thy lips
As the pain of a mortal life rips
The stars away from thy humble heart,
So that no tear is dried
Upon thy stainless cheek
That once His hand touched.

I never wished to see this way,
The faded trees do no not sing
But watch with superstious stares
For they last saw thee laugh
Not cry
And now thee walk to this place to die.

does anyone know if an elf who becomes mortal dies looking young, or looking old?


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