Disbelief – On the return to the shire.

by Nov 20, 2003Poetry

Is this just a vision, of burning fields and ash?
Of embers dancing in the night,
As swords and shields clash?
Is this the life I wished for
Upon that lonley road?
Was this the land I left behind,
Where now is evil’s bode?

In anger, wrath and hatred deep
Is this revenge for all?
Is this so petty, O how I weep
For all the dreams I had,
Of trees and woods and peace and friends,
The land I left, so long it seems,
Who knows how my nightmare ends?

And how can we correct this ill?
This filth of rotten scent?
Can we not rest, so weary still,
Of hardships war and grief.
Of all the places in this land
Why should our home be slain?
Our pity geve the speed of this,
For we were the master’s bane.


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