Diminished – The Lament of Arwen Undomiel

by Aug 30, 2004Poetry

The pale moon is barely shimmering.
The stars are barely glimmering.
The wind is blowing hard and fast.
The sky above is empty and black.

So this is what love means;
this is the other side of my dreams.
After I climb those mountains tall
this is where my heart will fall.

Many years ago we stood here
and the moon shone like a pearly tear.
For one more night, I am here again,
drowning in a flood of rain.

For now my soul is bound to roam.
Too late now; I am alone.
No stars, no breeze, no glowing moonlight,
no magic, no mystery, just a rainy night.

Hollow memories of not so long ago,
bitter tears reaped from the dreams I sowed,
dead petals where roses once bloomed,
stone angels singing in a barren tomb.

So this is what lonely means.
This is the end of broken dreams.
In a warm heart, I once found a home,
but too late now; I am alone.


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