Destiny of a Lonely Ranger – Inspired by my own life’s experience

by Jun 14, 2005Poetry

“Ours is a cold and lonely destiny”
-Uncle Andrew/Queen Jadis-
:C.S. Lewis

Never will I love any mistress
but the sun and the trees and the ocean
Never will I give in to the power
that engulfs this thin shadow-world
For I know that love in me
is the weakest thing there is
but who can understand
this dilemma?
For ours is a cold and lonely destiny
the destiny of a war-hardened Ranger
who will but destroy the adhering aspects
of this cold life

But I am given comfort
that I fight not for my own
but for that of the innocent world
who have never spilt the blood
of man or orc or elf
And I will fight for you, me dearest friend
But familiarity breeds emotional distress
So I will continue… alone

How can I show you how
this thing has taken my life?
The destiny within my soul
I was born with so familiarly
And I knew it from my earliest times
and I’ll know it to the day I die
That I was not meant
To gently comfort the most beautiful
gems of the earth
That I would not take advantage
of the thing so many others desire after
So I will give it to them
and fight for it all the same
And I will continue… alone

“There’s some good in this world, and it’s worth the fighting for”
-Samwise Gamgee-
:J.R.R. Tolkien


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