Denethors Lament

by Jun 24, 2002Poetry

I claim not that my earthly realm
Hath not much nobility to miss
But I mourn not for the lost fair helm
And I never saw a city brave like this

Half the world I wandered through
Years of love have been forgot
Oh seeking where such lost fame grew
Defending I must Gondor’s wordly lot

But half the world unto my quest
– fighting back this pain –
Answered me with laugh and jest
Longing for a touch of fame

They bade me to gather not my strenght
But wait for a ruler in timely length
And still I searched for my delight
Seeing how it died – the lonely tree so white

My awful defeat – oh I have to foresee
Then pay homage to him, like you never did to me!
But you shall suffer for my fate
Born in the years of despairing hate!

Filth and shame on me
That I must welcome, oh the enemy!
There’s not left for me the hail
For all my ways now have to fail

I am a wanderer in a shadowed land
I despair – for though dark they stand!
In a black realm of myself
Damnation on this simulated wealth!

Then home came I at mental windertide
But my silly wish had died
I was seeking with her latest breath
In Longings from the arms of death…


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