Denethor – Prophecy of the Return of the King

by Jun 27, 2005Poetry

At times I see him sulking
An old man, bent and worn
Sometimes I watch him skulking
Into the high tower where every horn
In Gondor would not be sufficient
To bring back down its Steward
Descending alone he pretends omniscient
Is his true self, an honest path seaward

In Ecthelion, he isolated abides
A throne thereon, weakens, but not ever dies
And forever in his chamber will appear
Wisdom gained from unholy Palantir

Grey the cloak he wears each day
Will forever one day fade away
Grey the sentinels guard his dome
Will forever one day return home
Yellow the sun, on faded white stone
Will forever one day rebuild new atone
And green the envy on lord Denethor’s face
Will forever one day vanish in disgrace

For one day will he come
At the rising of the sun
The heir of long-lost kings
Bearing crown with seabird’s wings
And he will fight the war,
See, he comes even before
All hope is lost and gone
And our waning doom is just anon


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