Deliver Me – Frodo’s Wish

by Sep 24, 2002Poetry

Can anyone deliver me?
In the Shire I was happy
My own adventure is different
Why me? Why was I meant?

I wish I didn’t have this burden
When and will this ever end?
I must take it to Mordor I know
That day I volunteered and low.

This is what this Ring has brought me
Gandalf is dead and everyone is solemnly.
Gandalf said I was meant to have the Ring
But I don’t want this burden, this thing.

I wish I was in my little hole
I wish I hadn’t set this goal
For myself now I must finish
I must destroy it and end this.

It is night and it is cold
I am trying to be bold
The sky has no stars it is cloudy
But wait what is this I see?

A star rises out of the night
It is brighter than any other sight
Everyone else is asleep
The only one to see it is me.

I shall be patient and try
Even though I think I will die
Oh please help me to bear this
To destroy this Ring is my wish.


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