Death is not the end

by Jan 1, 2004Poetry

Open your eyes to splendour,
A sun in the heart of the moon,
As dawn becomes glass enamaled diamonds,
And years fly away from the gloom.

Open your heart to freedom,
To wander the earth in a day,
As oaks on the mountain sing so,
And all fears swiftly flee away.

Open your ears to the harp strings,
The fair even songs of the night,
As oceans swell below you,
And all stars are silmaril bright.

Open your arms to friendship
In a world where the king lays down his sword,
As peace is as free as the rivers,
And the begger, he lives like a lord.

Open your mind to salvation,
To rays of hope and love,
As hours rise o’er forever,
And justice is seen by the dove.

Open your dreams to eternity,
To secrets and mithril entwined,
As forests become thy great feast halls,
The places your forefathers dined.

Now open the gates, free our army!
And show the evil darkness our wrath,
As dawn becomes it is spoken:
We fight! We follow our path!


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