by Mar 2, 2004Poetry

There I stood,
Upon that hill,
Watching the fire blaze.

I heard voices cry out,
And felt the chilling blood upon my face,
This world was ending.

I turned suddenly,
To an orc, so gross and smelly.
I pulled out my sword,
And thus went to slay it.

Yet too slow was I,
For his sword dived into my body,
And he laughed, wickedly and cruel.

And thus he ran off,
Not caring a bit for my demise,
Nor for my family at home.

I thus I looked to the stars,
‘Elbereth, guide them now.’
And thus I felt it, death’s cold claws.

My eyes darkened,
My hearing faded,
And soon, I was in nothingness
As my world ended.

Ok, bear with me. I have a headache right now, and I was trying my best. Maybe it’ll make sense to you. Hopefully anyway.


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