Dawn at Helm’s Deep

by Oct 18, 2006Poetry

Over the walls we looked out that night
farms and fields had been set alight
our rear guard came in, spent, full of ire
at least they taught them to not bear fire
the Uruk-hai stormed the gate
and the battle began to rage
we were forced into the keep
like rats, trapped in a cage!
“I hope for the dawn!” Aragorn said
at dawn the Uruks found reason to dread
the hurons of Fangorn filled the vale
and Eomer beside them let his horn wail
while Theoden’s ire would not keep
“Let blow the great horns of Helm’s Deep!”
Betwixt hard place and stone
with no where to go
the Uruk fled through the hurons
to their death and great woe!
I was a lad in those days
and I tell you its true,
with hope and great hearts
there’s nothing we can’t do!


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