Daughter of Kings

by Dec 1, 2002Poetry

My time has come.
I stand alone of the Knights of Theoden
For I will not forsake my Lord
When all others are slain or scattered in fear.

This is why I have come.
No Longer will I stand upon the dais of Meduseld
Watching the house of Eorl crumble before my eyes,
For this is the House of my fathers.

This is why I have left my charge.
No Longer will I stand alone
Before the doors of a silent house
While the trumpets call my heart to war.

This is why I have disobeyed you, Lord.
No longer will I drink the cup of parting
Upon the grass of Dunharrow, wishing good speed in death
To one I thought would save me from this shame.

I am going to war, Master Meriadoc…
And in such a battle as we think to make
On the fields of Gondor what would you do?

But, lord, I offered you my sword.
I do not want to be parted from you like this,
Theoden King.
And I would not have it said of me in song
Only that I was always left behind!

We are one, you and I,
Little Halfling of the Shire.
Where will wants not, a way opens,
so we say, and so I have found myself.

Thank you, Sir, though I do not know your name.

Do you not?
For Eowyn I am, Eomund’s daughter.
I am a shieldmaiden of Rohan,
Born to ride, my hand is ungentle,
And I will not be left behind.
Not this time.

I was bred among men of war.
And in this hour when all hope fails
I ride in search of death.
And I will not be left behind.

This is what you face, Angmar.
If you do not slay me in my turn
No torment in your Houses of Lamentation,
Beyond the edge of darkness,
Though my flesh be devoured
And my mind be left naked to the Lidless Eye,
Shall be more than I have suffered
At the kind hands of my Lord and my brother
As they rode fourth to Battle
And each time left me behind.

But though death is my desire
And I know I cannot win this fight alone
I will stand with such honor
As is worthy of my House and my fathers,
Though none remain to sing my final stand.
I will not die upon my knees, Angmar,
For you stand between me and my Lord and kin,
And I desire vengeance at his fall.
Therefore begone, if you be not deathless!
For living or dark undead,
I will smite you, if you touch him.
For he was as a father to me
When my own had passed away.
And for this reason I will live
To fight one last day.

This is my hour.
I stand alone of the Knights of Theoden,
For I will not forsake my Lord.
When all others are slain or scattered.

Do you not know death when you see it?

“Begone, foul dwimmerlaik, lord of carrion!
Leave the dead in Peace!”


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