cundu o arin – prince of morning

by Dec 26, 2003Poetry

cundu o arin

aina melme
omalya na lindele
enya taknya indo or elta
estel na lurea
ilfirin mir
enya nai yeera fiirima
ar elta na laanwa
ananta sina indo na qaine
enya milya quen
sine enya hyera tienya
umavaqet en feanor melme
elta nanya ancalima galad
hlarnya oma

prince of morning

holy love
your voice is music
i fix my heart on you
hope is overcast
immortal jewel
my king
i may be mortal
and you are not real
but yet this heart is wailing
i long for someone
now i pray starwards
do not refuse this spirit love
you are my brightest light
hear my voice


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