Cry to the Setting Sun – Arwen’s plea…

by May 19, 2003Poetry

Why is it that the leaves must fall
And the river ceases its merry flow?
Why is it that the corpse’s pall
Leaves a mother and child bitter woe?
Why is it that the winter’s call
Brings a chilling air and a blinding snow?

Why does my heart that once was young
Lament its fate in bitter tears?
Why do the songs that once were sung
Slip through the void of passing years?

Why is it that you must depart
From my arms that grieve and watch you go?
What puts this icing on my heart
Like a grass-green bank and a deadly snow?

What gives me cause to plead like a slave
Whose master whips him mercilessly?
Why is the one thing that I crave
(Your love) the one taken away from me?
Is it death that is sending me to my grave
With his stone-cold eyes from pity free?

Is there no escape? Can my heart be free?
Will the Lord of Death take pity on me?
Did the night just rise? Will the light return?
Will the fire cease in its hellish burn?

Can you hear my cry? Or are there none
Who see me weep at the setting sun?


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