by Dec 29, 2004Poetry

I picture truth and honour
As the sea upon the rocks,
The cold, unknowing solace
That in his heart he locks,
As he taketh up his eager sword,
And to his end doth fight,
Killing all before him,
For another’s plight.

And does this man know how
That slain man’s wife shall grieve,
The sadness and the loathing
For those that don’t believe
In what he fights for,
And do not take the price
That lord and king shall give them
Should they surrender to this vice.

I do not think that pity
In this case would be just;
A man that kills another
For his guilty lust,
And in the name of honour
Take the shining steel
With which to take another;
And in the name of all:

Tis not his honour nor his truth
To call this act a war;
I fail to see his true light
For the darkened bribes before.


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