Concerning Little Men

by Jul 7, 2005Poetry

Who, by many means, can conquer the darkness,
Are we not from the lands of the Westernesse?
Whence have our lineage failed other than our Forebearer?
His Bane hath brought upon us such as Darkness pleases.

But we are Westernesse, we are great indeed,
Our crowns touch the sky as we charge on!
But concerning Little Men, concerning those we do not know,
Why do they come forward, where do they belong?

Never have we seen them, must I care if they come now?
Our horns resound like thunder, while they plow fields;
Now that our own Wiseman has taken ill in judgment,
May we trust such men so small and flighty as these?

Their hearts may yet be sturdy, their will may go unfading,
Perhaps there is much to learn other than in lessons;
But I am not content, I seek greatness in the vale,
I do not wish to be left alone to question!


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