Come home! – Where could he have gone?

by Sep 2, 2005Poetry

Where is he now?
What long journey did he go on?
What paths did he walk
So far from his home?
And where does he sleep tonight?
Somewhere in the great lands

Oh mighty River
Did you meet him?
Did he cross your roaring streams
And follow you into the great lands?
Please carry him across
And tell him to come home!

They say that he is dead
But I will not believe it
How can he be dead when I still hear his voice?
When I see him every day?
I will not believe that he is dead
But where could he have gone?

Oh Bright Star
Do you see him
Beyond the mighty forests
And across so many rivers?
Oh East Wind, bring him on your wings
Bring him back here with me
Safe in the green fields of home
Under the stars of his own land
Where he longs to be
Sweet voice in the wind
Tell me
Tell me where he is
And where does he sleep this cold night?

And I can still hear his voice in the whispering wind
I never thought I would miss someone this much

Will he ever see the running rivers of his home again?
Free me from my longing heart
And bring him back here with me

I cannot think of anything else
The flowers are all in bloom
And the spring is so green
But where is he?


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