Come all ye hither – not really tokienish, but you might like 🙂

by Dec 10, 2003Poetry

Come all ye hither,
A story I tell,
Of faery and light,
Of stars and the night.

A truth lain within ye,
As sword and a word,
A lore and a legend,
And a song and a dream;
A land that wakes shadows,
Of hopes so unseen.

So gather around me,
And pray here me tell
A story to tempt thee
To yon faery dell.

Trees stood tall, and stars did shine,
A dawn was new,
A dawn of time,
When all but wondered,
Of fate and of love,
Of fire so sacr’d, and the peace and the dove.

And a glistening crown ran o’er the skies,
yet one wander’d alone,
Golden hair, deep grey eyes,
As one with the stars she danced;
And song sang she so
A beauty entranced with love and hope,
No eyes yet beheld her, like kings in the eve,
And all worlds she lived in, to thoes who believe
In sunset and grief,
I memory and faith,
Commander of power; of angel and wraith.

And the new world arround her, by her footfalls grew,
And stars did so see her,
A light, ever new.

And hell she did quench then,
And heave’n create,
A mountain, an island,
Just redemption and fate
She wove as garlened braid.

And stays she forver, in yon faery dell,
To cast all thy dreams,
As the life in thee,
‘Till thy truth shall ye tell.


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