Circle of Light – by Calime

by Feb 18, 2004Poetry

In Bag End came the call of light,
You faltered not in fear,
And took upon yourself the task,
For those you deemed most dear.

In Barrow Downs your light awoke
To loose the grasp of fearsome foe.
And standing fast, you stayed for love,
The spark within began to grow.

In Rivendell the battle raged,
Your spirit light was kindled.
And I beheld the blessed fire,
You fought and evil dwindled.

In Ithil’en, as time stood still,
Did I bend down to see your face;
And mirrored there among the leaves,
The lines of life, the light of grace.

In Mordor as death drew you nigh,
Your beauty was unbroken.
Through wounding sting of cold and dark
Light ceaseless yet was spoken.

In Haven’s Gray upon the quay,
Full formed your silver light,
You sailed away on Western Seas
To Elven realms so bright.

In Bag End where your gift remains,
My hurting long since healed,
The light has come full circle now,
In my heart it’s revealed.

This poem sort of wrote itself while I was working on my stories. I think it can stand alone, but you won’t really understand the last stanza unless you read my two stories “Eyes to See,” which is a story about Sam’s encounters with Frodo’s light and the gift of love. The double meaning of the gift is revealed in “The Chosen Path.”


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