Can you Hear the Sea? – The Sea Calls Every Elf

by Jun 6, 2002Poetry

Elves hear the sea calling them, and long to set sail across the sea.

Can You Hear the Sea

The sea is what I long for
The waves upon the sand
Walking upon the shore
Where water meets land

The gull’s cry
The waves of foam
The sun grows high
Upon the sand I wish to roam

The last light of day
Sinks over the horizon’s edge
And one cannot say
What awaits upon each ledge

The sea grass sways
The stars all shine
around the moonlit bays
I wish it were mine

For what greater beauty is there
‘Tis my one desire
To have a scene so fair
Which sets my heart on fire

I hear the sea
And oft I think of it
‘Tis calling me
And takes me bit by bit

I must leave this place
For my longing grows too great
Look into my face
And tell me this is not my fate.


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