Calad en Éladuial Firiel – Light of Evenstar Fading

by Dec 8, 2003Poetry

A choral text-esque piece, inspired by “Twilight and Shadow” and the tune sung at the beginning of “Flight to the Ford” from Fellowship and later following Viggo Mortensen’s solo in “The Return of the King” from Return of the King.

Arwen vanwain
Éladuial firitha
Calad gwannatha
Am meleth
I Aear pen i vanwain
Bâd hen Éladuial bant
Bâd hen e cillen
A banwain
Am meleth, man le cîl firin?
Am meleth, man le awartha angwedh en ambar?
A Calad en Éladuial firiel

Noble maiden, fairest
The Evenstar fades
The light dies
For love
The Sea is without the fairest
This path Evenstar took
This path she has chosen
O fairest
For love, why do you choose mortality?
For love, why do you abandon the world’s chains?
O light of Evenstar fading


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