By What Means? – The Truth of Unconditional Love

by Jun 14, 2005Poetry

By What Dearest Means
Did Arwen Sacrifice her life?
My senses acutely keen
how do I admit my strife?
How can I express my love?
How should I suppress distrust?
When do I have pity of
this self-destructing, loathe, ring-lust?

By what greatest Means
Did Bilbo give up his pity?
Though all the goblin-teams
seem stacked against him one to fifty
And how did Gollum escape the riddles
with but an empty hand so frail and brittle?
And how did Bilbo find his heart?
How did he leave without a start
on the life of warriors who bring but pain
to helpless souls and men restrained?

By whose most marvelous designs
did Elrond give up one whom he loved?
And still, though against him were the signs
how did he manage to Arwen give up?
And how do I just sit here now
wondering what rhymes and how
to express unconditional love so clear
that none may believe I don’t hold dear
the things inside my mortal shell
even that which is so hard and fell.

But that unconditional love was given me
and that true, terrestrial thought was indeed
the hopeless demise of my own false truths
so that all that remains is no longer uncouth.


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