but will we?

by Apr 9, 2004Poetry

It has been four years
since Weathertop,
and it still hurts
everyday, every moment.
I see little Elanor run around,
will she believe us
or will she be like the rest,
saying it is just a story
to scare small children?
Will we be in songs
or will we be unsung…
like so many others
in this world.
There are songs of Pippin
and Merry in Gondor,
but will we have songs?
Aragorn has songs of heroism,
but will we?
Eowyn has songs
of being a woman in a battle,
but will we have songs?
Gandalf has songs
of his good interests for Middle-earth
but will we?
Arwen will have songs of her wish
of mortality with Aragorn,
but will we?
Boromir will have songs of his passing
but will we?
Legolas and Gimli will have songs
of their friendship,
but will we?
Bilbo has songs of his adventure
but will we?
Sam and I, will we?


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