Burning Black – Frodo’s poem

by May 23, 2002Poetry

I walk in twilight, in neither sky nor earth,
Constantly fearing my eyes to open,
Fearing the shadows I left behind,
Knowing that death’s foul breath burns black on my shoulder.

All roads on a hopelessly wandering way,
All paths lead only in endless circles,
The sun is so cold, as if it blazed high over
The world of the wraiths, vile yet lonely.

Yet the stars lie before me, in the
Land of Forever, beyond the Sea,
Its picture is clear and bright in my eyes,
There I must travel, to the Grey Havens depart.

Farewell to the hills, the rivers and
The friends in the land I hold dear,
Farewell, Master Samwise, hero of heroes, I must leave!
So that death’s foul breath shall burn no longer black on my shoulder.


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