Brothers in the Face of Fire – A poem that alternates the mind of Frodo and Sméagol

by Nov 19, 2003Poetry

In my quiet innocence
I reached the border of my fence
I vaulted, surely, with my two feet in front
And landed swiftly with a grunt

I ran the fields of thought and life
I passed the rain of time
I watched the wind blow `cross the valley
I heard the mountain’s rhyme

But for all these things I saw with slack jaw
You held neither wonder nor awe
You passed them by without any respect
And I followed you to my regret

I sought the darkness
To escape from the light
I gave into lust
Without a fight

And what there had been
I lost again
For within me grew a need so strong
I forgot the meadows and the mountain’s song

I once thought life was there to find
And surely I did not dream
But when my illusion faded and I cared no more
I sewed tight cruel reality’s seam

No longer did fantasy in me manifest
No longer did the gulls cry
I walked the earth with downcast face
And then for me, too, life simply passed by.

In the crater of fire did we both fail
To see the light of our former trail
But for one last instant, we were one
And from each other we did not run

And in that instant, you and I
We understood each other
And for a moment, beyond my greed
I loved you as my brother


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