by Jan 10, 2003Poetry

What good can eternal life do me now?
I now know that loneliness does not sleep,
For again, it hath found me somehow.
I know when it comes, for tonight, I do weep.
If Elves are immortal, why then do I feel
As though my very life ended when I saw you depart?
“This is but a nightmare,” I thought, but no, it was real.
Your blood pooled beneath you and my heart tore apart.
Your screams…The sword through your heart. I am now left so cold.
This pain that I must endure hath made my heart so sore.
I may be a strong warrior and I may be bold,
But lonely I am, for I shall see you no more.
Your sweet memories I will treasure, for they shall not end,
But alas, you are no more, so now, my love, I am broken


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