by Aug 13, 2004Poetry


I know I shall find him.
Not far had I run afield
shortly after he set me free
when I heard his voice afresh
whose sweet low notes had released me
from my flaming cage of madness:
arrows of music, wind and water,
softly rumbling thunder, tremulous,
breath of trees, wings of peace.
He is gone I know not whither
still his words as tender vines
twine around my battered heart
leaking solace, cleansing heat
breathing life to every limb
healer-friend, I will find you
the spirit of the wind shall guide me
with a bridle of sky and warm grass
caressing my mane with urgent fingers
the spirit of the earth laughs to me
lips of encouragement kiss my bones
the spirit of the river sings
a dancing-song of hope and swiftness
the spirit of the stars shines for me
sweeping shadows from my path
the spirit of the clouds weeps o’er me
fragrant tears to cool my fever
I will come, sweet healer-king
I am here, waken to me
we shall be as one forever
and I will love you into victory.


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