Breathe Again, Dream Again

by Dec 7, 2007Poetry

There were shadows everywhere,
There was no joy at all.
Aimlessly strolling here and there,
Having heart like empty hall.
And now I´m starting
To breathe again,
To dream again.

I can see the rising sun,
Predicting new age,
Returning us love and fun,
Destroying that evil cage.
We want
To breathe again,
To dream again.

Not enough words to thank you,
Frodo from the Shire,
And your brave fellow Sam too,
For smothering the fire.
It´s easier now
To breathe again,
To dream again.

I wish to forget forever
All the dark bygone days,
But the true story I´ll never.
Let´s set off for hundrets of new ways…
Will I be able
To breathe again,
To dream again?


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