Boromirs thoughts – The onset of madness

by Sep 12, 2003Poetry

Voices in the darkness call,
Waiting, willing me to fall,
To break my vow it beckons me
Sees from the east to western sea,
Sees my dreams and sees my soul,
I need all my will to keep control,
And he carries it, with little ease,
All I needs do is seach and sieze,
Take the ring from out his hand,
This is a folly, hope, it won’t save my land,
Won’t change the war, or change the earth,
But this weapon is such a thing of worth
That I cannot be idley thrown
Into the pits of fire grown
Form deamon blood,
And deamon fire,
And still the eye keeps reaching higher,
Covering lands,
And covering all,
If he gains it
This world shall fall,
And this small creature
Bears its weight,
But I decree,
Tis such a fate
That we all suffer so much pain,
Under a sky of onset rain
When My fater could become a King,
And too would I,
The life to bring,
This token, O this one device
All evil pass, and would suffice
To be my saviour,
This goldne ring,
Which should have been mine,

It would have been mine,

And could have been mine…


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