Boromir’s tale – I have tried to imagine what Boromir would have told his brother if he had actually survived and come back home.

by Dec 5, 2005Poetry

Yes, my brother
I travelled through Rohan, for days and days
I crossed the endless miles of vast, green plains
It is a beatiful land, Faramir
And I walked North, ever North
Into the Wild Lands far in the West
Where no man of Gondor has walked for many years
At last I reached that Blessed Valley
And there in the Last Homely House
So much beauty there
Song and laughter
Peace and sunshine
And I saw there many whom few mortals have seen
The Evenstar, Lady of Imladris
She is beautiful, brother
And the Lord of Rivendell, wise of many days.
Elrond Halfelven
Of whom many legends speak

There was a council, and I saw the Halflings
There really are Halflings in the world!
They have strange names, and very small they are
But loyal and courageous
I met them there, and we travelled South together
I set out with a Company of Nine
An Elf of far Mirkwood, and a Dwarf of the Lonely Mountain
Mithrandir was with us, and four Halflings
And Aragorn son of Arathorn
Dunedain of the North
Heir of Isildur himself!
He bore with him Anduril, Narsil of old
Reforged and deadly
And bearing among us the Enemy’s own Ring,
seeking to destroy it deep in his own realm
We set out in the early winter days with little hope

On our mission we struggled together
Ever Southward, West of the great Mountains of Mist
We challenged the Mountain together
Red and angry Caradhras
But he defeated us

The Enemy’s own Ring, Faramir!
Imagine what power would have been given me
Wielding the One Ring!
We could all have been saved
By the use of it alone
I would have stood against the Enemy
With my sword in hand
And his own weapon used against him
But it was not in my hands to use
And I walked beside the Ring-bearer crossing the long miles of Middle-earth

Weary we came at last to the deep and lonely darkness of Moria
And we entered in its hidden door
Caverns uncountable the Dwarves delved there
In ages past
Now darkness fills the halls of Durin
And none but evil Orcs dwell there
On that last Bridge we lost Mithrandir
Our wise leader and friend
And sorely missed
He fought bravely
And yet fell into the Darkness
When a Balrog of Morgoth appeared from the deeps

And I saw the Lady of Lorien, my brother!
I spoke with her
I wish my words would suffice
To tell you of her
Her golden hair and the starlight in her eyes
High Queen of the Forest
She is Fairest, she is Wisest
The Lady of Light
And greatest of the Elves
There in the Forest she dwells, still in peace
We wandered on golden paths throughout the land
It was beautiful, Faramir!
And when we said farewell by the Silver River
Truly, not unchanged did I leave that enchanted realm
And I will always bear it in my heart

Yet never the thought of the hidden Power among us
Would leave my mind
Ever it was there, like a burden to my heart
A doubt, a fear and a desire ever growing
Like the darkness that followed us

But evil days were ahead
As these days are doomed to be
I felt the darkness looming over us, following
Foreboding a swift doom, more each day
Aragorn was our leader, and he is strong
But the battle was hard
When we fought cruel Orcs near Amon Hen
They took two of the Halflings captive
And though I tried my best to hinder it
I could not save them
And now who knows what has befallen them?
I do not know whether they will ever see
Their green home far in the North again
The company hastened after them
Elf, Dwarf and Man
But is there any hope?

There on that final day, is when I did the deed I most regret
I tried to take the Ring from him
Despair and dark thoughts overcame me
I was weary with a long and perilous journey
And desired only to go home to my people
Where I knew my aid was needed in war
And I was fierce and strong when I pursued the Ringbearer
But I found on that day, my brother,
What I did not see before;
The Enemy’s Ring will only destroy the hearts of Men
And would never bring peace to the Lands of the West

The Halfling escaped my pursuit, and I could never find him
To show him my remorse
I do not know now what overcame me on that day
But I would resist it now even were it offered to me

The two Halflings turned East
Frodo, the Ringbearer, and his faithful friend Samwise,
They had to take the road into the blind Darkness
Where our mission was to take us
And in secrecy was our hope
But what hope is there for them?
All courage fell from him when we lost Mithrandir

But I am home at last, Faramir
And I am weary
It has been a long journey
With much grief and pain
But also great friendship and loyalty
And I wish now more than anything to see them again
Free from pain and fear
And safe from all peril
And I wish for you to stand beside me
And welcome them to the City
All four of the Halflings, free of chains
Brave Elf and stouthearted Dwarf
I wish Mithrandir would come alive before us
For he is true and brave and brings wise council
But mostly I would have the Lord Aragorn ride in honour into the City
And claim what is rightfully his
Many times proved and deserved
And to reign in Gondor through long days of peace
But what hope is there in such a victory?
We will go together, my brother
And we will defeat the Enemy
Or die still resisting his evil
I will see our fair City free and shining with glory
But can we really hope?


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