Boromir’s Storm

by Jan 16, 2004Poetry

A sprinkle at first, no more than a drop,
Then more begin to fall.
A downpour of desire, the rain will not stop.
A storm of events, one which seems cursed.

The wind in my heart begins to howl and blow,
Driving sheets of stinging emotions deep in my soul.
The swirling wind fly’s to and then fro,
bullets of pain filled with sorrow.

The trees of my courage bow down upon the call,
Shadows of doubt now cast upon the wall.
As thoughts of madness struggle to swim,
Against this storm one simply can’t win.

Smashing forces begin to play,
with fist of fire through the rain.
The storm inside has shown its here to stay,
the chaos of choice is my hearts bain.

Trembling knees, the ground begins to break,
The Fiery Eye surrounding, my soul it will take.

The winds of feeling swirl faster now,
I stand in wow wondering how.
Something so powerful can be felt so near,
my once strong courage now a cyclone of fear.

Choice to flee to more pleasant ground,
a choice that is trying, as easy as it sounds.
Or to stay and weather such things,
a choice that I know will bring on much change.

Will my hearts storm end after I flee,
or will it linger forever utterly tourturing me.
Can I wait here, may it soon pass?
I know in the end there’s no escaping the wrath.

For sin in the world cannot go unnoticed,
for this I know as my heart thus told me.
The waves of evil will continue to crash,
change of the water, will not change the rest.

For better or worse,
I must await such a thirst.
This storm of my mind cannot yet tell,
But I know in my heart I have already failed.


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