Boromir’s Last Hour – A Poem By Boromir

by Sep 19, 2002Poetry

Boromir’s Last Hour
(By Boromir)

Oh woe is me!
A failure to my Line.
I have failed the White Tree,
A sin that cannot be cured by time.

I have done an awful thing,
I did try to take the Ring.
Forgive me Frodo,
I didn’t mean it.
It has been calling me,
In a way I cannot resist.

It told me how with it I could be,
A conquer of Him whom we do not name,
If I took it for me.

I saw the White City,
As she was at her greatest,
Then it became a shadow,
Of what it could be,
If I took the Ring for me.

Now I see,
How the Ring tricked me,
“It is a gift,” I said.
Oh, to go back and keep silent.
It started to call me then.
When in Moria,
I carried Frodo,
The Ring so close.
On watch in the night,
I saw it in the firelight,
So close, so close to me.

“It is such a pity that we are all,
Kept in fear by such a little thing.
Such a little thing.”
Why did these words leave my mouth?
What a corrupting Power,
A solid piece of malice.
All my words making the Ring seem small,
Come back to haunt me.
“Such a Little Thing.”
How wrong I was.
Ring-Bearer may you,
Fair better than I,
Do not give in.
Keep in your mind the Lady’s gift.
May you succeed in your Task.

May you have the courage that I lack,
And may you go where I turned back.

Go, Frodo go,
This will be my final hour,
My heart fills with dread,
This day will see me dead.

Here they come!
Run, Frodo Run!
Merry, Pippin, here I come!

Lying here in agony,
Frodo, forgive me,

I tried to…
Take it…
Promise me…
You will save…
The White City…
My liege-lord and King!

Boromir’s Last Hour


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