~*~Boromir Speaks~*~ – eek, don’t ya just hate Denethor?:P

by Mar 8, 2005Poetry

~*~Boromir Speaks~*~

You give him no credit
and yet he tries to do your will….
Father, why must you treat him thus?
True, he is not my twin, my double
he is unto himself, a different shade
but none the less my brother for that,
no less dear to me.
He stands not in my shadow
but rather, I in his light.
I eat at his table, bathe in his being
walk his path, read his stories;
what he is becomes part of me
his colors my own.
Would you strike him down before my eyes
if you care for me as you claim?
Hew his beauty to fragments
and you shatter mine as well.
For each wound you deal him
I bleed with his blood
and my own bones splinter
beneath my armor.
I diminish with each shard
that flies from his soul
as you try to chip him
into my own shape.
He alone I cannot defend,
for you smite him from within.
Why must you force me
to rebuild his palace
each time you lay it waste?


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